What neuroscience says you should focus on instead

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If you’re driving hard toward some goal right now, there’s a good chance that a common pitfall is awaiting you on the other side of the finish line.

But the good news is that you can avoid this, especially if you know how the brain mechanism behind this works.

There’s solid science both behind why your goals might lead you into this well-known scenario, but also good evidence for how to steer around this, making sure to keep your production high and your spirits even higher.

Imagine this, you’re working on your next big app, you’ve been training for that couch to 5K event, or you’ve just viewed hundreds of homes, and now you’re finally taking the plunge, moving into your first place. …

How an unexpected trip to the ER helped me understand the mysterious process of holding the present

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As my wife came abruptly to the stop sign, she already had her parents on the phone, telling them we’d shortly be at the ER.

I remember the conversation, but it was distant, like hearing her describe my symptoms from somewhere else.

Just a few minutes before, I had been found in the shower, writhing in pain, my face pale. She immediately knew that we would not be waiting this out; we needed answers right away.

With what strength I had, I pulled on my jeans, wincing with each tug.
The pain in my abdomen had grown so unmanageable that any motion whatsoever was felt like a searing hot knife plunging further into my gut.
I’d started having some unusual pain in my stomach the night before. But I’m a pretty healthy person, and besides the odd episode of heartburn, I don’t usually deal with anything resembling what kept growing more intense throughout the night. …

But please give them a try when no one else is around

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It’s no secret that we’ve all dealt with massive amounts of stress this year.

Usually, an article like this will move to a list of examples to drive home what has made us stressed out, lending credibility to the statement above, and also setting up a nice segue into the body of the piece.

But since it’s 2020, I don’t think it’s in anyone’s best interest to bring up all the things, merely for the sake of a silly segue.

Yes, unlike the Segway, which, ironically, is trying to escape the Mall Cop vibe and pivot into an ostensibly cooler dirtbike segment, I will spare you the unnecessary litany of a list of stressful triggers, this early in our journey together. …


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