What neuroscience says you should focus on instead

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How an unexpected trip to the ER helped me understand the mysterious process of holding the present

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But please give them a try when no one else is around

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Why the future may be more about hormonal therapies rather than raw cognitive power

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Why the power of the present isn’t just a trope

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But that’s not interesting enough for you to keep reading.

Why we need instability along with equilibrium to reach our goals

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And explode your potential

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Encouragement is the ultimate humaneness

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You can’t scale until you know where to look

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Please don’t buy into failure-ism. Train for strikes not gutter balls.

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I agree that failure is a needed part of the process of success, only that we may have emphasized the wrong thing.

Nate Rutan

Entrepreneur // Software Engineer // Great Dane Enthusiast // Graduate of Fuller Seminary // Speed Reader Of Slow Speed // Tinkerer // Mediocre Skier

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