I am reminded that on my own journey, I’ve never been healthier than when I’ve started living wholeheartedly and doing those things that align with what I believe. This can be hard for those of us who have been raised in an environment that didn’t value this. I realized a few years ago that I wasn’t watching what people DO (myself included) enough. I’ve fallen for the trap of listening to people’s words and believing them, and then making excuses when the actions don’t line up. I believe my compass was broken and this has led to much sorrow and losing my way. That’s why what you’ve said here is so important. For myself, when I started getting serious about elevating what people DO (again, myself included) above what is said, that’s when I believe my life really began to change for the better. Thanks for writing this!

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Entrepreneur // Software Engineer // Great Dane Enthusiast // Graduate of Fuller Seminary // Speed Reader Of Slow Speed // Tinkerer // Mediocre Skier

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